In 2007 there were 25,000 houses (both private and social) built in Scotland. In 2016 we built a total of 16,000. EDG is concerned the market has not caught up with its built rate and this is due to the lack of homes being built by developers below the PLC level.

The members of EDG have first-hand experience in delivering housing on both small and large scale sites and have come together to help assist developers looking to develop sites but are being blocked by various barriers.

Using developers own knowledge and skills and coming together with EDG’s team we hope to assist in delivering the vital housing needed in both the private and public sector and help to create  a supply level that will match demand for housing in Scotland.


  • Support Small House Builders, SMEs and Property Developers deliver more homes to the market.
  • View projects with lapsed consent and create a viable project that reflects today’s market.
  • Work with landowners to design and create viable projects.


If you are a Landowner, Property Developer or Small House builder struggling with a project and are looking for advice then please contact us to see if we can assist.